The free dating site OkCupid proposes a system of ‘matching’ based on hundreds of questions intended to reveal the commonalities between its members.

okcupid dating

OkCupid APP

Okcupid offers a mobile version of its dating site. A more polished interface than the browser version.  This mobile declination is not content to be a simple port of the version of browser.

okcupid app

It benefits of iOS smoother and a more polished interface design. As for the Android version, it is still too austere interface modeled on the website.

Profile management is not messy, despite the large amount of information you can provide, divided into three tabs: basic information (photos, descriptions, etc.); details about you (size, habits, salary, etc.); and the famous questions that will allow you to meet members who share your answers.

You can also access a “matching” Quick window, or view the profiles of members close to you, especially using a particularly comprehensive range of filters (desired profiles, geographical criterion prohibitive details).

A pack of additional options, completely dispensable, is available for purchase. From 4.99 per month, you have a particular way of invisible navigation and can store more messages.

OkCupid Dating, a very clean application:

To tell you a little of the basic concept, it is above all that of the romantic encounter but are not confined permanently and rigidly. There is a little what we also like! This is a network that has no limits, since they are members from around the world that there regularly meet to get acquainted.

okcupid dating app

Note that this is an English speaking site, however, and the application for smartphone OkCupid is also performed in English, so you will need to have some basics to get you by.

But that does not mean you will not find people from other countries there, on the contrary! Some of our singles are also beginning to get started.

How to use OkCupid Dating Site

As we told you, he is not specifically rule or restriction on OkCupid. Just clear when you sign on the nature of his research: is it rather gay or straight? Single or couple? This will not stop you, whatever your situation, to get started and begin to make friends now. Know that many singles worldwide have scoured this network before you making it a platform of trust, even more accessible since the mobile app was developed.

It is quite successful and will allow you to take the millions of members around with you.

OkCupid Dating Social Network

OkCupid is different from other dating sites because they base meetings on personality tests. In short you meet quite diverse questions that will subsequently display your% compatibility with users of the site. The higher the%, the higher your chances of hanging are believed to be many!

The big advantage on OkCupid compared to other dating sites is that you can write directly to girls whose profile you like. While it can be painful for some with all the painful site sending “cc sa va” to everyone but when a girl really interests you so you can take the trouble to write a personalized message and get his attention.

Is it easy to meet singles on OkCupid?

OkCupid is growing rapidly but is now used much less than Tinder or a adopteunmec. If you are in the big cities you will still have a lot of profiles that will display a portion of foreign profiles which makes a super OkCupid application to dredge foreign student in Paris.

OkCupid is 90% free and paid features will not prevent you from sending messages / to receive and go to the website at any time of the day! By taking a subscription you can visit the profiles without this being reported, what are the girls who likes you or see if your messages are read. In short nothing essential that is a very good point for OkCupid app!

OkCupid Application Review

OkCupid is pretty much done dating site that we recommend in particular because it is free at any time of the day and allows you to talk directly to the girls enrolled at the site. OkCupid The drawback (besides the fact that the site is available in English only for now) is that the number of users remains limited for the moment but this should grow fairly quickly so be among the first!

Key features  of OkCupid Dating

Application Description: OkCupid is updated and flirt application that allows you to make new friends or find the ideal partner.
Functions: Provides a matchmaking based on your preferences and interests, allows you to know the degree of compatibility (friend, perfect boyfriend / girlfriend and enemy), notifies you whenever a potential candidate is in the same region (map system).
How it works: You must complete the profile and answer a number of questions that will strengthen and personalize the search for a compatible partner.

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