OkCupid Dating

OkCupid dating app is Probably one of the best known, and it is not for nothing. Mainly known for its dating site, OkCupid, is an American application, based on quizzes, offered by the users themselves.

Presentation & Concept OKCupid dating app:

OKCupid is very similar to the a classic dating service. We enter our criteria and we return the cards corresponding to it. For those who prefer to write on a computer keyboard (rather than on a small touch-screen keyboard), OKCupid also has a website.

For better or for worse, OKCupid is one of the few systems to reach someone without it being reciprocal. So you can get a lot of extra shady messages, but it’s still cool to be able to tell a girl that she is beautiful.

Strength: the system of questions / answers that often allows to know people better than by reading their bio.

Features & Services

Chat, Forum, Photos .. Features!

Because yes, it is not only a quiz site … It is above all a dating site. So, in addition to these quizzes we find most of the features that could be found elsewhere.

Note that this happens the same way on the app as on the site, and that thus you will have access to the same features, namely messaging / chatting, photos, forum discussion and so on!
Mobile Version and / or Application?

As mentioned above, okcupid is available in website version. However where it carton the most c’esrt well and well on mobile!

So, the application, available on Android just as on IOS, has when a same a defect is that it is not translated ne French … Designed for English speaking countries, it now seduces Francophone countries . So maybe the FR version of OkCupid soon ?!

Is OkCupid Free or Paid?

Otherwise, OkCupid, is a partially free application, to access all the options you will have to subscribe. The advantage is that it is already used by nearly 2 million people. By joining the app, we joined a fairly large community, and consequently more chance to find footwear at our feet (or not ?!)

The parity is rather correct, and besides for once the average age turns around 30 years that it is in the women as in the men.

 The free functionalities of OkCupid app.

First of all, it is possible to add a member that we like in his favorites. This helps to see if the person is online and stay in touch with it if needed. Anyone registered on the site can send a private message to any member or call the chat for free. Matching service is also free. It offers automatic profiles of interest to you. Through the section “Matches” where you can also search among the members. By going to the “QuickMatch” section, OkCupid will randomly submit profiles. You will have the opportunity to vote for the profiles you prefer. Positive votes will rank profiles on a dedicated page where you can find them. Another asset of OkCupid, the ability to know who visited your profile. You are notified each time a member comes to consult your listing.

This is one of the big advantages of OkCupid unlike many other dating sites. You can easily access the people you want to contact, send them a message and talk to them without paying a penny. Is this the ultimate dating site?

Paid Features:

Why pay if OkCupid is almost completely free? Do not get me wrong, the founders do not live only love and fresh water … Advanced features pay off and allow you to take advantage of the site to be more efficient.

Know who you like: remind yourself of this opportunity to vote for profiles that appeal to us most. By paying, you will have access to the list of people who voted for you. A shortcut that lets you know directly who you like on the site to go to seduce it more easily.

Navigate the site discreetly: every time you visit a person’s profile, it is notified of your visit and can identify you. With a premium account, you can choose whether or not to be identified.

Enable advanced search: OkCupid’s strength is its matching system. And to take full advantage of it, you will have to pay. Knowing that the profiles are quite detailed, you will have the possibility to filter the results of your search according to different criteria: age, silouette, personality, geographical area …

See if your messages are read: it’s a bit the spy gadget of the dating site. With the premium account, you will know if the person has read your private message or not. Useful ? By necessity. In any case, if the person does not answer you, you have to move on! .

And other more or less useful features: all the ads of the sites will be removed, a better loading of the pages, the possibility of changing its pseudo, saving your potential 5,000 messages in your inbox and the possibility of creating photo albums In its profile (totally useless).

Better dating experience on Okcupid dating site

OkCupid is a platform that makes it possible to make romantic encounters both in the whole world and close to home.

Hetero or gay; Single or couple, you will find ” shoes at your feet ” among one million members. It’s up to you to switch pairs regularly or to buy several at the same time. The watchword of the site: to make meetings in all lightness!

To make these meetings with confidence and without waiting, nothing more simple! All you need to do is create a profile on OkCupid. Then, an algorithm calculates for you your compatibility rate with the other members. The ranking is according to your interests! Little chance of making a mistake! All you have to do is select contacts and exchange messages with them. And why not, to cross, then, the stage of the meeting (real this time!).

Bonus: An accessible mobile app has just been developed. Download it and you can bring your contacts anywhere with you. In addition, the principle of geolocation, thanks to the GPS of your mobile, will allow you to meet singles present around you. At home, on the street, abroad, use geolocation to enrich your contacts list and meet new people. Singles around you will be enchanted and you too! The mobile application is in English but many francophones are waiting for you! Plus, it’s free!

Through the OkCupid application making dating has never been so simple and fun. Users are very satisfied. Moreover, that’s why she was designated “best app of encounter”! So, do not hesitate, download it now! And do not forget to activate your GPS!